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The Courier Herald enters more than 6,000 businesses and households weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings providing the citizens of Dublin-Laurens County with a daily look into the moments that matter most in their lives. From events like graduations to football Friday nights to troop send-offs and school events, The Courier Herald is a vibrant, viable source for the news and information pertinent to everyday life in The Heart of Georgia.

Our History
Dublin newspaper history started in 1876 with the publication of “The Gazette”. This paper, a weekly, was begun by one of Dublin’s most progressive leaders, Colonel John M. Stubbs. On June 20, 1878 another publication, “The Dublin Post”, began publishing by J. W. Peacock Company.

In 1887, “The Dublin Courier” began. In the same year a little sheet called “The People”, began publication under the ownership of D. J. Thaxton from Jackson, Georgia. In 1894, the “Dublin Dispatch” was established by a stock company with J. A. Peacock as editor.

“The Dispatch” and “The Courier” were consolidated in 1899 as “The Courier-Dispatch”, under the management of A. P. Hilton, E. W. Morcock, H. M. and V. L. Stanley. In April of 1903, K. K. Hawkins and C.A. Weddington established a semi-weekly known as The Dublin Times. Soon George W. Williams purchased the paper and Earnest Camp became editor.

“The Courier-Dispatch”, in 1903 installed a Mergenthaler Linotype machine, a modern, Babcock press and an Eclipse folding machine. The owner believed this was the first country newspaper in the South to install a Linotype machine. In the later part of the 19th century, a weekly paper, “The Transcript” was published for a short time.

In the second decade of the 20th century there were in Dublin “The Dublin Messenger” and “The Laurens County News”. These were merged into “The Dublin Press”, a weekly published in 1929. “The Press” was merged into “The Dublin-Courier-Herald-Dispatch” and the name became “Courier-Herald-Dispatch and Press”. In 1929, “The Dublin Courier Herald” was owned by a stock company composed of W. H. Lovett, W. M. Harrison and Mrs. W. M. Harrison – all of Dublin. W. M. Harrison, was editor and manager. In the 1930s “The Dublin Courier Herald”, was thought to be the largest daily in Georgia to be published in a town with a population of less than 10,000.

In August 1930, “The Laurens Citizen”, a weekly was established with the editor and owner O. B Overstreet. “The Laurens Citizen” was purchased by “The Dublin Courier Herald” in 1942 which continued to operate it as a weekly. Due to a shortage of newsprint during World War II, the weekly stopped publication on 1944.

In 1945 W. H. Champion, 34, bought an interest in “The Dublin Courier Herald” and was hired as editor by W. H. Lovett, owner of The Courier Herald Publishing Company. “Champ” and “Sparkplug”, as he was called by those who knew him, grew up in Macon and was a graduate of Mercer University, receiving an AB degree (1931) and a Masters of Arts degree (1934).

The age of offset printing was ushered into Dublin in 1969 when “The Dublin Courier Herald” installed an eight unit Goss community press and became the first daily to purchase and use Compugraphic typesetting equipment. The paper tape driven 2961s had one of the first serial numbers from the Compugraphic Corporation. By 1975 the newspaper went totally cold type, selling its last Linotype to Southern Printing Company just down the street.

Notable figures during the early years included Sara Orr Williams, once secretary to U.S. Senator Tom Waston; she was famous for her wide-brimmed, big hat, cigarette holder, and sharp and salty tongue. Newspaper legend has it that Sara Orr, upon learning that names of an accident fatality and an injured person were transposed in a news story, stood and shouted above the din of the newsroom, “Stop the presses, stop the presses, the #*^%$#* didn’t die!” Sara explained she always wanted to stop the presses and figured this opportunity could possibly be her last and only chance.

Another figure, Bush Perry, who had been advertising director and part-time sports editor, became the first full-time sports editor at the paper. A popular person, he helped make the sports section one of the most outstanding features of the paper. A true sports lover, he died while watching his favorite team, the Atlanta Braves, on television. His legacy to sports and to the newspaper is demonstrated in the Bush Perry Memorial Baseball Field located at Dublin High School.

In 1973 Doug Hall and Griffin Lovett were hired. Doug Hall, a Dublin native, came to work as a reporter; he was a recent graduate of the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia and was named editor of the paper in 1978.

Lovett, grandson of W. H. Lovett, came to work at the family newspaper as a photographer. He helped usher the transition from the use of “paper tape” driven typesetting machines to the desktop/Macintosh revolution of the newspaper industry.

Lovett served eight years in the capacity of photographer until he was named publisher in 1981. While owner and publisher of The Courier Herald, he was elected two terms to the Dublin City Council At-Large. Co-owner and editor DuBose Porter already served as Laurens County’s state representative. This unique dual responsibility of both an editor and publisher being elected and serving at the same time was noted by a magazine trade publication “Presstime” as a unique dual role that may have been a first.

Lovett and Doug Hall helped shape the modern-day daily into one of the best in its size in Georgia. During this time the name of the paper, Dublin Courier Herald, was changed to The Courier Herald. This was done to emphasize the broader appeal of the paper to the adjoining county subscribers.

In 1985 Doug Hall left the paper to become press secretary for a U.S. senatorial candidate, Dave Garrett. After a year of campaigning Garrett dropped out of the race, and later Hall went to work in the Washington, D.C., bureau of a large Mexican newspaper, “Excelsior”.

In May 1987 Courier Herald Publishing Company President W. E. Lovett announced an agreement to transfer ownership of “The Courier Herald” to a corporation composed of Griffin Lovett and DuBose Porter.

“As president of the Courier Herald Publishing Company, I’m pleased to announce the sale to our readers,” W.E. Lovett said in a newspaper article dated Wednesday, May 13, 1987. “I’m most pleased with this action because it keeps ownership and operation of the paper in local hands. I was very pleased when DuBose Porter approached me and agreed to acquire an interest in the paper. I think highly of Mr. Porter and his ability and believe he will make an outstanding owner and editor of the paper.”

Also a Dublin native, Porter was a 1971 graduate of Dublin High School and held a degree in English literature from Davidson College in 1975. He also served an internship with Senator Sam Nunn that summer. He graduated from Cumberland Law School at Samford University in 1979 and soon after established the law firm of Nelson and Porter with James F. Nelson,. Jr. In 1982 he was elected state representative from the 119th district where he served until 2010.

Publisher Griffin Lovett and editor DuBose Porter launched an effort to raise circulation and pushed the daily circulation distribution to over 13,000 daily. The Courier Herald was spotlighted in “Circulation Magazine” as the fastest growing newspaper in Georgia for that year. It was a reflection of the growth of the region and Dublin as a growing retail center.

Georgia Trend’s 1996 economic outlook noted that Dublin should solidify its position as a retail center for an eight county 160,000 population area, aided by expansion of the city’s medical complex and satellite commercial development.

With the increase in circulation the Courier Herald was pushed into the category of newspapers recognized by the Georgia Press Association as Class “B”, which included papers such as Rome, Athens, Valdosta and Griffin, thus The Courier Herald became a “small” big paper rather than the “big” small paper which it had been for many years.

As one of the last independent locally owned daily newspapers, The Courier Herald continues to support its role in the community as a growing center for business and cultural events.

No matter how large or small the event, The Courier Herald is interested in local and community news, or readers’ awards and achievements. You can let us know what’s going on by sending us a press release with the subject, time, date and location of the event or recognition. Don’t worry, a press release does not have to be professionally written. Just the basic facts are fine. It should be typed, preferably emailed, and include a contact name and telephone number (day and night) and an email address in case we have a question. Please send the information two weeks in advance to:

The Courier Herald
115 S. Jefferson St.
Dublin, GA 31021

You can also send your news by email

Or fax us at (478) 272-2189. Please identify, in the address or subject line, the specific person, department or section for which your news is intended.

Local News
Local news coverage is directed by the City Desk, and includes coverage of city and county government, courts and law enforcement, education, politics, medicine and health. Generally, this involves “hard news,” with features most often handled by the Features Department.

Contact: or (478) 272-5522.

Regional News
Regional news coverage encompasses all of the surrounding counties outside the Dublin-Laurens County area, and includes coverage from the newspaper’s regional reporters in the eight county area which includes Laurens, Johnson, Treutlen, Wheeler, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Montgomery and Bleckley counties.

Call (478) 272-5522 or email

This section appears on Saturdays. Items submitted should include a contact person’s name and daytime phone number and identify the church or non- profit sponsoring organization. News should be received before 5 P.M. Wednesday preceding Saturday publication.

Call (478) 272-5522 or email

This department handles a wide variety of topics including health and fitness, community news, food, family, entertainment, teens, trends, and articles about people and charitable and social events. or (478) 272-5522.

This department handles all sports information, including outdoor activities and recreational sports which in the eight county area which includes Laurens, Johnson, Treutlen, Wheeler, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Dodge and Bleckley counties. Our sports department also covers college and professional sports with emphasis on teams with players connected to our readership area.

Contact: Clay Reynolds at (478) 272-5522 or by email at

The newspaper’s business coverage includes stories about local and state business and economics. Items for the Business Page should be directed to:

The Courier Herald
115 S. Jefferson St.
Dublin, GA 31021
(478) 272-5522

The Courier Herald has stringer reporters throughout the area to provide local coverage in counties outside Dublin-Laurens County. If you have news from Johnson, Treutlen, Wheeler, Twiggs, Wilkinson, Dodge and Bleckley counties, call the news department at (478) 272-5522.

Births are published on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in The Courier Herald. Parents should submit the name of the child, hospital, the child’s gender, parents’ names, date of birth, time of birth, weight, length and phone number for verification, as well as their hometown and mail to:

Birth Announcement
The Courier Herald
115 S. Jefferson St.
Dublin, GA 31021

These are published Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and must be submitted on a form available at The Courier Herald’s office. To obtain a form by mail, write to the address below or call us with a fax number and we will fax you a form. Fax: (478) 272-2189. Voice: (478) 272-5522.

Weddings Department
The Courier Herald
115 S. Jefferson St.
Dublin, GA 31021

The editorial staff writes editorials expressing the newspaper’s views and we welcome readers’ opinions, which are published in the forum section on the editorial page five days a week. We print letters from readers on a wide range of topics, from local to international. The Courier Herald selects letters for publication based on general interest in the topic and clarity of expression. A shorter letter has a better chance of being published because we want to give as many readers as possible a voice on any given day. Letters should be limited to 300 words and must be signed and contain the address and telephone number of the writer (street addresses and telephone numbers are not published but are used for verification). To have your letter considered for publication, mail, Fax or E-mail to:

Letters to the Editor
The Courier Herald
115 S. Jefferson St.
Dublin, GA 31021

Email to: and place Letter to the Editor in the subject field.

Fax to: Letters to the Editor, (478) 272-2189.
For questions about the editorial department, call (478) 272-5522 or email

Obituaries and death announcements should be submitted through a funeral home, cremation service or mortician. To have the obituary of a loved-one printed in the newspaper, please contact the service that is handling arrangements and have them submit it to The Courier Herald by e-mail at We must document any death that we report, and, as a means of verification, only accept obituaries and death announcements from funeral homes. We make an exception to this policy only when a family does not employ a funeral director, such as when the deceased donates his or her body to science. In these cases, we will accept an obituary submission from a family, but must go through steps to verify the death before publication.

The Courier Herald publishes obituaries at no charge for the first 100 words, and a charge of 25 cents for each additional word. A picture may also be added for five dollars more. We are only able to bill funeral homes, and do not deal with individuals or families regarding payment except under the circumstances outlined above.

Publication of obituary and death announcement submissions is handled by the newsroom. Billing is done by the Classifieds Dept. We are unable to determine pricing until after an obituary has run in the newspaper. If in need of a price quote before publication, please estimate using this formula: (total word count – 100) × .25, and add $5 if submitting a photo. Deadline for obituaries is 1:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Please call (478) 272-5522 with any questions or concerns.

Funeral Homes: Unless absolutely necessary, please submit obituaries and death announcements via e-mail to If possible, please paste the text of the submission directly into the body of the e-mail instead of attaching a word processing document. While we prefer that the text be included in the body of the message, submissions as a document attached to the e-mail are acceptable, but please ensure that it is in either a .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt format. If submitting a photo, please attach it to the e-mail in a high-resolution JPEG format. Do not embed photos in a word processing document or a PDF. We are happy to confirm receipt of submissions via phone or e-mail. The obituary deadline for each day’s newspaper (Tuesday through Saturday) is 1:00 p.m. the previous day. For more information, please call (478) 272-5522.

You have several options: The Dublin-Laurens County Library has recent copies of the The Courier Herald, as well as previous years’ editions of the newspaper on microfilm. That’s the quickest, least expensive way to do your own research and find exactly what you need. The Courier Herald’s archives are not open to the public. We will try to accommodate reader requests for copies of stories. We are unable, however, to assist with genealogical research. The Courier Herald’s files are stored in bound volumes located in a fireproof vault in our building. Copies of the Courier Herald go back to January 1944. Mail your request to:

Library Research
The Courier Herad
115 S. Jefferson St.
Dublin, GA 31021

You also may telephone (478) 272-5522. Requests are completed on a first-come first-served basis. A fee for research time and copying is charged.

The Courier Herald now has a Newspaper In Education Program. Our staff helps teachers throughout Dublin and Laurens County learn to make any subject more dynamic by using the newspaper as a teaching tool. The Newspaper In Education Program is sponsored by the Dublin Rotary Club and Southeast Paper. If you or your business would like to help with the Newspaper In Education Program, please contact Cheryl Gay, Circulation manager and NIE coordinator.

The best place to sell used items, find a purchaser for real estate, hire an employee, or place a special notice is The Courier Herald’s Classified page. The Courier Herald delivers serious and qualified buyers. Ask about the Shopping Guide ad pickup program. We also have special promotions for yard sales. Call Prudence Price, Classified Manager (478) 272-5522 or email

To schedule a photo to be taken, contact us by calling (478) 272-5522. Because of our early morning deadline, we ask that pictures be scheduled to be taken after 10:30 a.m.

Resident historian Scott Thompson writes a column for The Courier Herald entitled “Pieces of Our Past”. He can answer questions you might have about the history of Laurens County. E-mail him at

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